No Particular Place to go     1.5 MB) 

Rock n. Roll Musicī  (low Quality 1 MB)

Rock n. Roll Musicī (medium Quality 5 MB)











Walking by myself               (Cover  live 3.1 MB)

Tulsa Time                          (Cover live 2.7 MB)

Baby when you're gone       (Corver live 3.1 MB)

Feels like flying home         (aus unserer CD  - 2.4 MB)

The way weīre going          (aus unserer CD   - 3.5 MB)

Nur mit Dir                        (Vorarlberger-Mundardlied   Eigenproduktion  - 4.2 MB)

Min Lauser in Person         (Vorarlberger-Mundardlied  Eigenproduktion - 3.5 MB)